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What Stage is Your Tech Business in?

Your insurance broker should understand your unique business, the speed at which you operate and industry specific threats to ensure your insurance covers you without overinsuring. The brokerage services you receive should scale with the growth of your business.

We specialize in tailoring services for mid to late stage tech companies, including VC funded startups, pre-IPO companies and companies engaging in more sophisticated Enterprise Risk and self-insurance strategies.



Scaled out of your Early Stage Broker? Insurance for Pre-IPO & Scaling Companies

Your company is moving fast – very fast. You and your team don’t have time to wait for answers. You need expert guidance on issues that are getting increasingly complicated and more regular. Whether you are planning for an IPO, M&A or dual track, you need an insurance partner that has been there countless times to get you the advice you need quickly.

Are you getting what you need to feel confident in front of your board? If not, it’s time to talk with our team of experts.



Prepare your Business for Global Markets and International Expansion

Going Global can be overwhelming, high risk and complicated. It can also be fun and rewarding for any company. Nearly all of our clients operate globally. We serve every major metropolitan hub around the world. With an internationally diverse, multi-lingual staff, International consulting is in our DNA. Bridging the complexities of insurance compliance, tax, legal and HR will quickly exhaust teams without the experience.

Are you feeling exhausted dealing with your broker on International related matters? If so, it’s time to talk with our International consultants.



Risk Management & Self-Insurance Strategies

Rounds of private and public funding are just the beginning of a company’s new chapter. Cultural, philosophical and financial metrics will likely reshape how your company addresses risk going forward. Now, more than ever, is the time to engage in rethinking your risk management strategy. Insurance procurement is typically the least efficient risk transfer, so what discussions are you having to talk about alternatives?

Our team of experts have decades of experience building alternative risk, self-insurance and captive programs.


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Insurance for Technology Companies : Pre-IPO & Venture-Funded, Global & Enterprise.

Our comprehensive insurance for technology companies scale with your team - from venture-funded / pre-IPO, global expansion and enterprise risk management.

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Key Markets

  • On-Demand Sharing Economy Gig Economy
    On-Demand Sharing Economy Gig Economy
  • BioTech
  • Medical Device
    Medical Device
  • e-Health
  • Software Cloud SaaS
    Software Cloud SaaS
  • Hardware and Consumer Electronics
    Blockchain & Crypto
  • Renewables and Sustainability
    Renewables and Sustainability
  • FinTech
  • Semiconductor
  • Entertainment and Media
    Entertainment and Media
  • Drones and Aerospace
  • Transportation Technology
    Transportation Technology

Why Heffernan

We believe in you. We incorporate your philosophy into the risk management and insurance procurement process so that you are succeeding on your terms. Heffernan has a long history of being an insurance broker to many unique industries, often times before the industry was defined. We can help from the inception of an idea to the spread of that idea across the globe.
Deep International Experience
Deep International Experience
Alternative Risk
Total Cost of Risk Reduction Strategies
We Invest in Early Stage Start-Ups
We Invest in Early Stage Start-Ups

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Joseph Talmadge

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