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Proper communication and ensuring employees understand the best use of the group benefits programs are critical to ongoing employee satisfaction, recruiting and retention, loyalty and long-term productivity and wellness.  Heffernan will work directly with you in developing a strategy that best suits your employee population.

We currently offer a number of resources to educate and keep your employees informed of the current benefit offering and future anticipated changes.  We design, create and provide everything including detailed benefit guides for each employee, benefit ID Cards for employees and dependents, and a host of online communication services.  Heffernan can provide these resources not only in hard copy or electronic format but also translated into any language/dialect to meet your employee needs.

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Heffernan works with our clients to create year round ongoing education and communication strategies from home mailings, email blasts, health and wellness fairs, payroll stuffers, newsletters, etc.

For samples on education, click the links below:

Health Costs Explained:

The Sooner You Quit!

Employer Hotline

Heffernan has created a Human Resource Hotline, specifically for the HR/Operation teams and anyone else you might designate (e.g. a supervisor). 

We offer you telephone support with immediate access to PHR/SPHR certified professionals.  Each call provides verbal assistance from a consultant, followed by thorough, written documentation of the issue or question discussed.  The consultants will help you obtain quick, expert answers or second opinions on various issues across many large functional areas such as leave of absences, recruiting and hiring, terminations, policy handbooks, employee relations, etc.

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Proper communication helps ensure employees are informed and satisfied

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