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Heffernan Network Insurance Brokers, formerly known as OLI Insurance Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heffernan Insurance Brokers, was inspired by Heffernan’s foundational commitment to the independent agency model. Founded in Northern California and with several California offices, Heffernan Network has expanded nationally through strategic hires and acquisitions. The company operates under two different strategies: access and perpetuation.



Boutique market access partner: Heffernan Network provides robust carrier access to top national carrier appointments, leverages top tier commissions and contingency structures, and offers innovative technology solutions and back office support to enable an independent agency owner to grow strategically.


Flexible acquisition strategy: Heffernan Network partners with independent agencies through a modern acquisition strategy, which maintains the integrity and legacy of the existing brand, staff, and customers, while offering a deeper bench of resources usually reserved for only top, national agencies such as Heffernan Insurance Brokers.


Our Heffernan Network subsidiary agencies include:

Hazel Bright








Heffernan Walton Insurance Services


Henkes Welsh Insurance


Heffernan Rose City, LLC


Brignole Insurance Services, LLC


The Bon Agency


Kettering Rose


Heffernan SGB Insurance Services LLC


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Heffernan Network Insurance Brokers
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Heffernan Network

Growth and strategic partner for select independent agencies

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Heffernan Network Insurance Brokers

At the Heffernan Network, we provide exclusive carrier access, leadership development, efficiencies, and proven business development initiatives. Let us be your growth and strategic partner.

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Heffernan Network is a company that rewards entrepreneurial spirit and specialization. If you’re interested in becoming an access partner, please contact Steve Williams. To learn more about our perpetuation strategy for your agency, please contact Matt McKenna.


Steve Williams

Steve Williams

Director of Corporate Development
Access Partnership
D: 415.808.1300
C: 415.819.2356

Steve Williams

Matt McKenna

Director of Corporate Development
Mergers and Acquisitions
D: 925.746.7962
C: 716.777.0264

matthewmc@heffgroup.com LinkedIn Logo